Mobile app for Question2Answer.org site

This project is maintained by Appsmata

Introducing QtoA-Mobile!

QtoA-Mobile is a new Android Client for your Question2Answer site which uses a simple custom qa-api to give the same functionality of the web on the app!


  1. User registration
  2. User login/logout
  3. Accessing Questions/unanswered
  4. Asking/Answering questions
  5. Blocked users can not access the site from the app.
  6. Build using Android Studio / Visual Studio Code / xCode

Get the source code

The source code is premium and you can buy it from me to get access to the code and instructions to build this

  1. Pay me $ 50 on PayPal via the address: jacksiroke[at]gmail.com
  2. Email me on jacksiroke[at]gmail.com with your information on your GitHub username/email
  3. Get the access to the code